sydney wedding photography

Having a wedding ceremony is one of the most special and important moments in your life. So choosing a location that will suit the theme of your day can be a little stressful if you can't decide. We did some digging and came up with a list of ideas to keep in mind when looking for your wedding ceremony site.

For couples living in Sydney, the decision making process in finding a ceremony can be daunting due to the vast number of options that are available. Sydney is a great city to get married offering superb locations such as parks, beautiful gardens, beached, hotels, wedding venues, Sydney Harbour gardens, restaurants, luxury cruises just to name a few.

sydney wedding photographer

Finding the ideal ceremony can present a challenge if you haven't allocated enough time to research and book your spot in. The market is so competitive in Sydney within the wedding industry that you can be get disappointed if you are not fast in booking a site early.

In response to this we have shared some great tips and ideas when selecting your wedding ceremony.

1. Garden wedding ceremonies may require local Shire, Council or National Park Permission which would involve a fee. Call up the relevant authority if you are heading this way
2. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, visit the site at the time you are having the wedding around 2-3 weeks prior. Allocate a spot that has adequate lighting and ensure the set up where the bride and groom are standing is not backlit
3. If Plan A is an outdoor wedding then have a back up plan B in mind. Weather can ruin a wedding if you are not prepared. Ask the wedding venue if they can provide for this as an alternative
4. Having a wedding on the beaches, the Sydney Harbour, Shark Island can cause problems due to wind. So be prepared for this!
5. Get your guests early to the wedding ceremony by falsifying your invitations by half an hour.
6. Plan your ceremony to be in the vicinity of where your photographs are going to be taken. Also consider having the venue close also. There is no point in having a garden wedding in the far west of Sydney then having photographs in the city then the venue back in the west. You will waste your time on Sydney's congested roads.

The city of Sydney is a fabulous place for wedding ceremonies and brilliant for photography. Each site has its own appeal and should be decided upon your style of wedding and theme you desire. Keep this in mind so that your day will be one to cherish forever.

sydney wedding photography


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